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14 May 2022

Dr. Pike See Cheah was recognized as the winner of the 2022 KANS Scientific Competition in the Health & Med-Tech field for her scientific work titled “Repurposing ruxolitinib: novel insights to improve learning and memory in down syndrome”.

10 November 2021

Dr. Michael Ling shared his thoughts about “Mini Brain” with the audience of 89.9 BFM (hosted by Lim Sue Ann). Check the podcast HERE.

21 October 2021

Pike See Cheah shared her thoughts about “Gene Therapy” with the audience of 89.9 BFM (hosted by Lim Sue Ann). Check the podcast HERE.

30 June 2021

Pike See Cheah delivered a talk regarding on how “Towards writing an impactful research paper” during International e-Seminar ‘FMHS UPM’s Silver Jubilee: Education and Research Excellence in Diversity’.


NeuroBiology & Genetics Group or better known as NBGG is co-led by Associate Professor Pike-See Cheah (up) from the Department of Human Anatomy and Associate Professor Michael KH Ling (down) from the Medical Genetics Unit of Department of Biomedical Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia. The group is interested in deciphering the genetic components that regulate the molecular networks underlying the development of the mammalian brain. [Read more]


The group is currently focused on the following research activities:

  • Characterisation of novel microRNAs involved in embryogenesis.
  • Transcriptomic and functional analyses of the brain and the muscle of a mouse model for Down syndrome.
  • Molecular screening of nucleic acid aberrations in selected neurological disorders.

Browse our research tab to know more about NBGG research in UPM.


NBGG is currently halting all the following training/workshop-on-demand:

  • Mouse brain dissection
  • Tissue processing and preparation
  • RNA extraction
  • RNA purity & integrity analysis
  • cDNA synthesis
  • qPCR assay development, validation and analysis

Please contact us for more information. We are currently accepting interns for 2022. Please contact either one of the principle investigators directly or via this EMAIL.



NeuroBiology & Genetics Group (NBGG)

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